Thursday, 29 October 2009

I have to discuss Agassi!

What a shock it has been to discover Andre Agassi's shock revelation that he took crystal meth. I have so many questions I would love to ask him in person if I could meet him off the record.

I am still asking myself why, why, why has he revealed this?

My initial thought was this was a terrible PR excercise so that he could sell as many of his books as possible. But Andre you have earned around £150m so far, surely you dont need the money. But maybe he is incredibly greedy and just wants to become richer and richer. I sincerley hope not!

Another thing I dont understand, is how Andre could betray the ATP tour so badly. If they had not believed his ridiculous cover up story, he would have lost every single endorsement he ever had and would not be worth what he is today. I am so curious to know why he wants the ATP to be seen as a pushover and that if you are at the top of the game, you can do what you want. Does Andre know something about other top players that we dont? Are all top players just slipping under the radar so that the sport doesnt get any negative press? Is Mariona Puerta just being made an example of? Questions Questions!

I never know what to think about big celebrities admitting they take drugs. Is it a good thing to make children aware of it and how bad the effects of it are? Or is it a bad thing, that they have become aware of something they werent really aware of in the first place, and now will be interested by it? I sit on the fence on this point.

Whst I am hoping for is that someone was going to sell their story on Agassi about him taking Crystal Meth so he had to come clean anyway and he thought he might as well do it in his book.

I dont think anyone will ever find out why he really did this, but I am hoping you are all as mystified by it as I am.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Is this the end for Venus

Venus Williams has been struggling with her form as of late, with two defeats to Pavlyuchenkova in Asia and now a three set defeat to Elena Dementieva at the Sony Ericsson Championships, a woman she has not lost to in five years.

At 29 years of age and the oldest woman in the field, will she ever be able to cause any damage in Grand Slams again? I have major doubts about her desire, which is shown by constantly losing tight three set matches this year. Venus has played nineteen three set matches this year winning ten and losing nine. However, only two of those three set match wins came against Top 20 players. Six of her three set losses have come against Top 20 Players. Does this not tell Venus that the higher ranked girls are simply in better physcial shape than her at the moment?

The thing is does she really care? I get the sense, that although I think she wants to do well, she is not willing to put the hours on the training court in order to perform as well as she can in singles. I realised at the US Open, she still loves winning as she played through the pain barrier to win the US open doubles with Serena (If Serena was injured, she would have just pulled out). I dont know if others have picked up on this, but I have always noticed a difference in Venus' intensity at Wimbledon compared to all the other tournaments. She moves better, and she has that look in her eye, that she means business. Why cant she be like that all year round?

Having read recently that Venus is set to play in Hong Kong for her preparation for the Australian Open, I question whether she is playing there solely for money. She has not got past the quarter final in her past six attempts, so surely she should think about preparing in Australia than Hong Kong?

Do I think there will be a resurgence next year? No I dont. Unless she works her socks off on her fitness over the off season, next season she will continue losing matches in three sets and have early exits in the slams apart from Wimbledon.

Come on Venus, a tennis career is short lived, and you probably only have three years left in you, so go out there in the off season and give it a go!